Zoodles with Italian Sausage


This recipe is a real keeper!  This feels like having a pasta dish without all the calories and carbs of pasta.  The sauce was homemade with our own tomatoes and herbs, that really tastes good! I served this with gluten free garlic toast and it was…well……”ITALIANO!” Continue reading “Zoodles with Italian Sausage”

Fried Green Tomatoes


This was brunch today….Ted brought in a “Harvest” of herbs and veggies from the garden and green house.  I am making a homemade sauce for dinner tonight but when he brought me the green tomato….well that became the lunch/brunch project.   We love them too much!   Continue reading “Fried Green Tomatoes”

Light Almond flavored Doughnuts


This morning as I begin prepping food for the week.  I decided to try to modify my favorite recipe for lite cupcakes into doughnuts.   Let me say they sure made the house smell wonderful!  Ted sampled them and gave me them a thumbs up.  They were kind of like a cake doughnut a tad bit dryer but I think that next time I will add a bit more diet 7up.  I loved them lots too!!  So nice with a fresh cup of coffee! Continue reading “Light Almond flavored Doughnuts”

Fresh from our garden Caprese Salad


This looks and smells delicious! I am proud that all but the cheese balls and the glaze came from our garden and green house.   This is one of our favorites and we partake of it frequently!  Great for lunch or as a side! Continue reading “Fresh from our garden Caprese Salad”

Update on Weight loss


Today is July 30th,2016.  We have now been eating and cooking clean meals since January 4th, 2016. Every week is a success because we have become so completely committed to stick with the good eating, trying new healthy foods and recipes.  I cannot tell you how proud it makes me that Ted and I are having such success.   Its turned out to be a fun journey!   This week after many weeks of roller coaster up and down, I was down 3 pounds.  Ted had stayed the same this week but I am still happy that it was not a gain.  Ted is very near the weight he will need to maintain so I am thinking that this is his body gauging this.   We feel great and he looks wonderful so I am thrilled for us both and hope that any of you doing this as well had a successful week and are planning another one ahead!