One Skillet Sun Dried Tomato, Chicken and Gnocchi

This dish was so quick to make and it looked and tasted like I spent hours in the kitchen!  If you prefer your dishes a bit more spicy, feel free to add some roasted red peppers or red chili flakes.  Either way I hope you all enjoy this One Skillet Sun Dried Tomato Chicken and Gnocchi as much as we did! Continue reading “One Skillet Sun Dried Tomato, Chicken and Gnocchi”

Lightened General Tso’s Chicken

This recipe cannot have enough good things said about it!   Easy, delicious and lower in calories! Ted and I enjoyed it and both agreed it will have to be on our repeat list and soon too!  If you are a fan of Asian style recipes, you won’t be disappointed! Continue reading “Lightened General Tso’s Chicken”

Asiago Chicken with Spinach Shallots Carrots

This recipe was totally amazing, really got our taste buds excited!   It was quick to make and easy to clean up.  This is important to me for week nights after work.  Ted and I really enjoyed the combination of veggies especially the shallots.   Each serving is 337 calories, perfect for the plan! Continue reading “Asiago Chicken with Spinach Shallots Carrots”

Superfast and Light Salisbury Steak

Superfast, juicy Salisbury Steak makes for an ideal dinner tonight and a super filling lunch tomorrow.  I used a blend of ground beef and ground turkey in the patties for  lighter calories. The ground turkey breast brings the total fat down while the ground round adds moistness and flavor. Serve this quick and easy dish to your family with a side of roasted vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots, and creamy mashed potatoes for all around smiles.   Continue reading “Superfast and Light Salisbury Steak”

Shanghai Angus Steak

This recipe was so easy, tasty and great for that hankering for Asian food.  Ted and I really enjoyed this and I added the Asian noodles to it rather than serving over rice, just for a change and good variety. Continue reading “Shanghai Angus Steak”