Flank Steak with Triple-Grilled Onion (WW)

When it’s not BBQ season, cook this on a stove-top grill pan. Leftovers make fabulous steak sandwiches.  Ted and I had this served on top of zuch noodles that I had seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning.  This is a weight watchers recipe and on their site it counts as 6 points.  We absolutely loved it! Continue reading “Flank Steak with Triple-Grilled Onion (WW)”

Caramel Cinnamon Rolls-Sugar Free (Weight Watchers 2pts)

I’ve been experimenting with the 2 ingredient dough so much lately.  This dough is so versatile. You can literally make anything with it. Pizza, calzones, breadsticks, use it as a crust for some chicken pot pie, biscuits, you name it! I wanted to make something sweet with this dough and lately I’ve been wanting cinnamon rolls. Believe it not, but these cinnamon rolls came out to be only 2 smart points (for 1). There are probably ways to make these even 1 smart point but if you add the caramel sauce that makes them to be 2 smart points. Find whatever topping you like for your cinnamon rolls, me, I just love caramel cinnamon rolls!  I doubled this recipe to make 16. Continue reading “Caramel Cinnamon Rolls-Sugar Free (Weight Watchers 2pts)”

Cowboy Turkey Burgers (Free Style 3 points)

This cowboy burger recipe was a snap to put together and tasted like a cheat meal!  Best part is that it is only 3 freestyle points, per burger.   I also paired it with a serving of air fried shoestring fries, they are amazing as well!  Ted and I love this and plan to have the other two burgers for lunch. Continue reading “Cowboy Turkey Burgers (Free Style 3 points)”

Poblano and Onion Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Poblanos give a bit of heat to these creamy stuffed spuds. To tame it, use a Cubanelle or Italian frying pepper instead. Although, I do not like super hot or spicy and this was neither.  Just very flavorful.  I served it with some Brussel sprouts and grilled chicken breast tenders which are zero points.  Lovely meal for  just 7 points. Continue reading “Poblano and Onion Stuffed Baked Potatoes”