Bogaerts Cafe Story

Bogaerts Story

Hello were the Bogaerts, Ted and Lori Bogaerts. We developed Harvest Lite Café to elaborate on something that I had started on Face Book(FB). In the summer of 2015, Ted was asked by his doctor to give the Fodmap diet a honest try because of his stomach issues. Since the kids are grown and our on their own we agreed to give it a real honest effort. We were most successful in discovering a lot about the food we had been eating most of our lives due to how they were making Ted feel not so good.

This lead to me making the decision for us to eat healthier and gluten free as much as possible. We started January 4th of 2016 on the way to be more healthy, getting weight off and just feeling good. I decided to embark on trying all kinds of new recipes from selected clean and healthy eating sites. Luckily, Ted was most agreeable and willing to try everything. We decided to be open minded and try all kinds of new foods. Because of this, we now have many new favorites.

How we did it

I worked on trying to keep our calorie intake about 14-1500 calories a day, incorporating more fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy meats into our daily intake. Ted started an herb garden which has proven to make all food taste even better. We also invested in a green house and have learned a lot about growing our own vegetables which is rewarding. I was posting pictures and sometimes recipes on FB as my friends allowed me to use this as a way to be committed to stay on track. It actually was motivational and the support tremendous!

I have really enjoyed cooking and we rarely eat out except for vacations. Ted and I pack pre-made, pre-measured lunch cups that I prepare on Sundays for the week. All breakfast and dinners are cooked at home via a lot of new recipes. Most importantly, we want to thank you for taking the time to visit this site, read the ramblings, and maybe even try one of my recipes! It means the world to us. Enjoy!

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