Crab Bisque (Low Calorie)

This healthier and lighter version of Crab Bisque, really hit the spot.  I think this is a real winter oops, mean winner when it comes to soup!   This is the first time I used a can of the lump crab as I have always been leery of it, however, it was delicious!  I will try it in other recipes for sure.  Ted and I both enjoyed it and will have it again sometime soon. Continue reading “Crab Bisque (Low Calorie)”

Pumpkin Spice Weight Watchers Muffins

This is yet another simple but delicious Weight Watchers snack.  One serving is 160 calories.  They are so moist and dense it is truly a heavenly splurge!   I love these things when fall arrives as the whole house smelled great while they are baking.   Continue reading “Pumpkin Spice Weight Watchers Muffins”

New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp

What a delicious meal!   These shrimp were so tasty and actually something like we have never tried before. I served them with asparagus sautéed with smoked julienne cut dried tomatoes and a small baked potato.  It was very easy and took about 20  minutes to make from start to finish.  I am certain that this will be requested by the better half, again soon! Continue reading “New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp”

Pork Chops and French Onion Rice

Only one skillet is needed to make this scrumptious pork dish….the rice actually cooks right in the skillet with the rest of the ingredients.  It couldn’t be easier or tastier.  Ted and I really loved the way the rice tasted cooked in the French onion soup. Continue reading “Pork Chops and French Onion Rice”

Chicken, Leeks and Sundried Tomatoes in White Wine Sauce

Thin sliced chicken cutlets sauteed in a white wine sauce with leeks and sun-dried tomatoes. Dinner in less than 20 minutes!  That is perfect for weeknight cooking to me!  I love the mild onion flavor of leeks, I use them in soups, pasta dishes and chicken dishes. Paired with the robust flavor of the sweet sun-dried tomatoes, this dish is sure to please the palate!   I used Red Mill Gluten Free all purpose flour for a gluten free dish.  Ted and I really enjoyed this elegant dish!


Continue reading “Chicken, Leeks and Sundried Tomatoes in White Wine Sauce”