Pumpkin Spice Weight Watchers Muffins

This is yet another simple but delicious Weight Watchers snack.  One serving is 160 calories.  They are so moist and dense it is truly a heavenly splurge!   I love these things when fall arrives as the whole house smelled great while they are baking.   Continue reading “Pumpkin Spice Weight Watchers Muffins”

Cranberry Orange Muffins


These just sounded so good for a holiday week and breakfast!   I substituted gluten free flour as you know we watch that for Ted.   The smell of these baking was amazing!   They are great with coffee or hot tea and are 176 calories each. Continue reading “Cranberry Orange Muffins”

Chewy Cherry Bars (lower calorie version)


This recipe, while baking made the house smell like the holidays, so I have this on radar for work parties and our family holiday’s too!   This is an adaptation of the weight watchers cake and cola sweets.  This was easy to make and about 175 on the calories.   It was pretty to look at too! Continue reading “Chewy Cherry Bars (lower calorie version)”

Mandarin Orange Cake (Low Calorie)


This Mandarin Orange Cake made the whole house smell wonderful while it was baking.  The whole time it was baking, it was taunting my husband!  The wait was worth it because it was so moist and tasty.  Had a serving with some of our new autumn coffee and it really hit the spot! Continue reading “Mandarin Orange Cake (Low Calorie)”

Spinach & Brie topped Artichoke Cups


I made these little adorable and tasty filled phyllo cups for date night.  They would be excellent for any party or tailgating!   They are flavorful and gorgeous when done.  They were quick to assemble and elegant enough for a any party even a wedding!    I love the taste of the combination of ingredients and that they are just little bites of YUM! Continue reading “Spinach & Brie topped Artichoke Cups”