Lighter Tomato Pie

This lighter tomato pie recipe is delicious!   I made sure to add plenty of fresh basil leaves, ground pepper and fresh scallions.   This is wonderful after work, week night dinner.   These are the tomatoes that were gifted to Harvest Lite Café by Sneed Farm (Thank you).  Last summer we had been gifted some ripe tomatoes from Tom Sneed and we enjoyed them tremendously. There is a recipe for stuffed tomatoes from last summer, here on the Harvest website.  The Sneed farm is located in Evansville, TN which is near Chattanooga.  I hear that these beauties can be found at many local produce stands.   If you are near that area be sure to look for them, they are delicious and you would not be disappointed. Continue reading “Lighter Tomato Pie”

Corned Beef Hash

Happy St. Patrick’s Day !  We just enjoyed this comforting dish with a healthier profile for good luck!   Ted and I are not Irish, but so enjoy the day with some good food, fun and some drinks!  This recipe was super easy and very tasty!   Have a wonderful day, enjoy and be safe! Continue reading “Corned Beef Hash”

Polenta & Sausage Hash

This morning as we will begin our holiday cooking, I decided to make a good healthy breakfast.  Ted and Justin will be getting the smoker going and helping to get the feast prepared for Thanksgiving.   While I was cooking this recipe, they both wondered out to the kitchen.  They smelled this cooking.  I agree it smelled delicious and was a hearty but healthy breakfast! Continue reading “Polenta & Sausage Hash”

Cranberry Orange Muffins


These just sounded so good for a holiday week and breakfast!   I substituted gluten free flour as you know we watch that for Ted.   The smell of these baking was amazing!   They are great with coffee or hot tea and are 176 calories each. Continue reading “Cranberry Orange Muffins”

Eggs Benedict Lightened


This breakfast recipe was so easy and so delicious!   Very flavorful way to start the day! Would be a great brunch meal as well.

Continue reading “Eggs Benedict Lightened”