Creamy One Pan Mustard Bacon Chicken

This recipe was from the Hormel website.  I took about 25 minutes to prepare and it was great for after work.   The flavors were amazing and Ted and I really enjoyed the sundried tomatoes.  This was a delicious meal and we will do it again! Continue reading “Creamy One Pan Mustard Bacon Chicken”

Sweet Sriracha Chicken Breasts

This recipe was amazing!  So easy to prepare and the sauce was a real winner!  Ted kept getting more for his piece of chicken.   I used orange blossom honey, which was very good in the sauce.  It was a bit warm but by no means hot.   Very delicious and will make it again! Continue reading “Sweet Sriracha Chicken Breasts”

Crispy Chicken Schnitzel with Herb-Brown Butter

This healthy recipe for crispy chicken schnitzel involves coating the chicken breasts with fresh whole-wheat breadcrumbs and oven “frying” using a mist of olive oil cooking spray instead of frying in lots of oil.  Ted and I enjoyed it and he was tempted for seconds, but opted to save the calories.  The calorie count is really good but not worth seconds when we are having a great week of low eating.    Definitely a keeper and will do this one again! Continue reading “Crispy Chicken Schnitzel with Herb-Brown Butter”

Easy Chicken and Dumplings (weight watchers)

This was a perfect fall dinner even if the temperatures still say summer!  Ted went on and on about how delicious it was.  That tells me we will be having this again and soon!  There are no dumplings, they are actually sliced up pieces of tortilla.  You would never ever even guessed that, as it tasted like good old fashioned dumplings!   I love that it was Weight Watchers and the calories were amazingly low!    Absolutely love this recipe and will be making it again as the cooler weather arrives. Continue reading “Easy Chicken and Dumplings (weight watchers)”

Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Peppers

This very simple recipe was simply delicious!   This was a breeze to put together after work.  I served a baked sweet potato and some green beans with it and Walla!   A perfect healthy dinner in about 25 minutes!   It was quick, easy and tasty too! Continue reading “Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Peppers”