Happenings at the Café!



This week Ted worked on getting our newsletter out to the few folks that have subscribed to our website, Harvest Lite Café, since it started on July 2, 2016.  We decided to call it ” Harvest Gossip”.   I think we are going to have much fun with this.  Ted thought it would be fun if we have some gift card giveaways, contests or find some other fun things to share on the weekly new letter.  We hope you will subscribe and participate with us.   It is all in fun and a good way to stay motivated is to share in our experiences.  Ted and I hope that you know you can share your stories with us on the website and we will most certainly be happy to support any efforts in healthy eating, and life changes.  Have a great Friday tomorrow and an even better weekend!

Ted and Lori


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One thought on “Happenings at the Café!

  1. Murfreesboro opened a Sprouts this past Wednesday and I got to visit today!. Very nice store and they have so many healthy food options. I don’t have to scour the other grocers anymore to find what I need. Yay!. If you have heard of Whole30 then you would know that it is hard at times to find the foods needed for that special diet! Now I can find it easy in my town. No more Whole Foods. Sprouts is even pocketbook friendly. ??

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