Honey Sriracha Chicken

Honey Sriracha Chicken

Sweet and spicy Chinese honey sriracha chicken – Great as any restaurant and healthier than take out! Ted and I both agreed it was a keeper. I am usually very cautious about any food that might be too hot for my palate but this was just the right amount of warm. Delicious!


3-4 chicken breasts, diced
⅓ cup cornstarch
1 cup water
2-3 tablespoons sriracha (depending on how spicy you want it)
5 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon minced garlic
¼ cup sugar
2-3 tablespoons honey (depending on how sweet you want it)
2 tablespoons corn starch + 2 tablespoons cold water
optional: crushed red pepper flakes, cooked rice for serving


In a small-medium sauce pan, combine the 1 cup of water, sriracha, soy sauce, garlic, sugar, and honey and stir. Bring mixture to a boil over medium heat. Whisk together the 2 tablespoons corn starch and remaining 2 tablespoons of water until dissolved. Add to sauce pan and stir until thickened. Reduce heat to low.
Add diced chicken and ⅓ cup corn starch to a large plastic bag. Seal the bag and shake to coat chicken. Drizzle a large pan or skillet with oil over medium heat. Add chicken and sauté until browned and chicken is cooked through. Add the sauce and stir to coat. Sprinkle with crushed pepper flakes if desired and serve over warm rice.

For an authentic Asian treat, enjoy this great honey sriracha chicken for lunch or dinner (or anytime at all)! Serve this to your guests and they will never want to leave.


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