Light Almond flavored Doughnuts


This morning as I begin prepping food for the week.  I decided to try to modify my favorite recipe for lite cupcakes into doughnuts.   Let me say they sure made the house smell wonderful!  Ted sampled them and gave me them a thumbs up.  They were kind of like a cake doughnut a tad bit dryer but I think that next time I will add a bit more diet 7up.  I loved them lots too!!  So nice with a fresh cup of coffee!


I- yellow cake mix

6 ounces of Diet 7up

1 tsp Almond flavoring



Heat oven to 350

Mix the ingredients together until well mixed.

Spray a doughnut pan with cooking spray

Then fill the tin with the mixture.   The recipe normally makes 12 cupcakes and this made 12 doughnuts.  They are approximately 100 calories each.


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