Lightened Cupcakes

Lightened Cupcakes

Lightened Cupcakes

These Lightened Cupcakes are always wonderful!  No matter what flavor cake mix and diet drink you use they always are so super moist and DELICIOUS! I box Duncan Hines cake mix any flavor, I used double chocolate this time.

1 16 ounce diet drink any flavor you think will go with the cake mix. This time I used diet Dr. Pepper.

Mix the diet soda directly into the powder cake mix and blend. I usually do the mixing by hand as the electric mixer makes it to airy.  If you make 12 cupcakes they should be about 80 calories each. I sometime make the jumbo cupcakes as these are and they about 120 calories.

Bake at 350 per the direction on the box.   Decorate as you like being creative but keeping calories at bay.   ENJOY!

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