Loaded Lean Burgers

Loaded Lean Burgers

Loaded Lean Burgers

This is just one of the ways I love to add veggies to extra lean ground beef.  It really can up the taste of your next Loaded Lean Burgers.  Not to mention it just tastes good.  Great on the grill!  I- 12 ounce package of extra lean ground beef.

1 small green pepper diced very tiny.

1 small fresh jalapeno diced tiny.  (I remove the seeds so it wont make much heat).

1/2 cup sweet onion or scallions.

1 Tlbs minced garlic

1 Tlbs.  Steak Sauce

Fat pinch dried herbs, you can use any.  I have a jar with a combination of things from our green house.

Mix all the ingredients together.  Divide into two as this will make approximately two 6 ounce burgers.   Grill to you liking for the doneness.  Top with your favorite toppings or cheese.  We had used fresh basil leaves, tomato, Havarti cheese and light mayo.

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