New Year for Harvest Lite Café

Happy New Year and welcome to Harvest Lite Café!

January 5th made one year that Ted and I have been eating clean and committed ourselves to eating better and losing weight.  We are excited to be starting our second year.  Also, the Website has been up and running for 6 months and we have had so much fun with that.   I  want to be sure to share some information about some changes we are making to start the new year on a better start then last year.  We have ordered two things that we think will make a big change for us. Ted and I have been on, we have ordered a new food scale, I think this will help us tighten up portion control even more. Here is the link to the scale we ordered.

We had done well with measuring but this will just make it a bit more on target.  We are also planning to start some fun exercising with a Wii Fitness, also available via Amazon.

Wishing much happiness and success to you this year!

Ted and Lori


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