Strawberry Bundt Cake


This pretty recipe is my fall back weight watchers cake mix and diet sprite.  This just works! You can do so much with this recipe and its so moist every time.   I used all kinds of cake mixes with different kinds of diet drinks, they have all been good so far.   Ted always enjoys which is a good sign its tasty!Ingredients:

1 box strawberry cake mix

12 ounces diet sprite


1 box, instant sugar free, fat free vanilla pudding

1 tub of lite cool whip (thawed)

1 tsp vanilla extract


Pre heat oven to 350

Mix the cake mix and diet coke until well blended and all the lumps are gone.

Spray the bundt baking pan with cooking spray, it will come out easier once turned upside down.

While cake is baking about 40 minutes.  Start to mix the frosting.

In a mixing bowl dump the whole tub of cool whip, the box of pudding mix and the vanilla and mix until well blended.  The texture is somewhat like cheese cake.   Fill the center with the frosting and decorate as you like, add fruit and serve.

Once I take the cake out of the oven I turn it upside down while it is cooling on the serving plate or cake keeper plate I am going store it in.  While its cooling it falls to the plate with ease.

One 12th of the cake is about 145 calories.


This is a Lori original!


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