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Just planning and thinking about our upcoming travel plans and was getting my thoughts together on how Ted and I will want to plan for our days away from home.   Even though we do not really eat out much while home in Tennessee when we travel to our home in Nevada we are usually on the go and busy out on the town with our kids.   We already know we want to have a couple splurges but with that said I want to pep talk myself and him into remembering that we are working very hard to get and keep our weight off.   We are going to be drinking a lot of water, walking plenty and hopefully eating some healthy breakfast, lunches and snacks too.  I think I am going to plan some snacks that can make at home for the evenings when we are hanging out at the house.  That will be a good, sure way to not eat bad.  When we are eating out and possibly splurging we will need to use portion control since so many of the restaurants do not!  We will update you on the trip and how things go, when we are back.  Looking forward to seeing the kids!   Have a great weekend and upcoming week, Friends!


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  1. Have fun on your trip and remember that you control what you put in your mouth. ? Enjoy your time with the kids!!!

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