Update on Weight loss


Today is July 30th,2016.  We have now been eating and cooking clean meals since January 4th, 2016. Every week is a success because we have become so completely committed to stick with the good eating, trying new healthy foods and recipes.  I cannot tell you how proud it makes me that Ted and I are having such success.   Its turned out to be a fun journey!   This week after many weeks of roller coaster up and down, I was down 3 pounds.  Ted had stayed the same this week but I am still happy that it was not a gain.  Ted is very near the weight he will need to maintain so I am thinking that this is his body gauging this.   We feel great and he looks wonderful so I am thrilled for us both and hope that any of you doing this as well had a successful week and are planning another one ahead!


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3 thoughts on “Update on Weight loss

  1. So very proud of you and Ted. You are so committed to this journey I pray that you will have continued success! Your recipes are wonderful and I personally appreciate all the work that you are putting into your site. Keep it up Lori!

  2. Rhoda, Thank you! This meant a lot to me and Ted we are blessed as you noted to have been successful with this venture and I am grateful to be doing it with my best half. Hugs to you!

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